Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Akemashite Omedettou~!! Here I am 2014(^3^♪

Konbanwa minna-san,

It's been awhile not updating my lovely blog or any entry about our own anniversary _:(´□`」 ∠):_
here's my previous anniversary, been post last few year- how I miss my fandom life, how I have to focus with my real life, and how chaotic my real life that I never expect.

I shouldn't say this, I should said "Alhamdulillah" for everything that HE gave to me, but really...
I feel depressed, but still.. I try to makes others smile.. try to makes others feel great with their own life.. nothings gonna change unless, you're brave enough to take a big step *because I'm not that brave/strong enough to take that step*

Last but not least, kekkon omedettou to my lovely cousin *tsk3* I'm happy for you but yet, you're now no longer be by my side.. hahaha...

Keep..still.. always thinking.. what will wait for me......

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