Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!



Have you make a new wishlist for this year??
anyway.. how bout 2010, did you achieved all of them??
Hope this year will be better than last year :)

Toma message on Wink Up
 "Ake ome de-su! 
Ake ome de-su! 
Koto-yoro de-su! wink uuuuup!!" 
Ake ome is actually "Ake mashite Omedetou", means "Happy New Year". But most young people say "Ake ome". " koto yoro desu" actually "kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu" means "Please look after me this year as well". This Toma, sounds like "koyama-san". Koyama-san is a female police on Unubore Deka. Toma really likes this character Koyama-san! He use this "de---su" slang on his daily sometimes! So funny Toma♥
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*mianhae- mashi xjmpe la source yg spatutnye xD*
Hyunnie message for New Year [ HERE ]

Hyunnie: I should get married when I'm 40!
Toma: when I 35, I'd be married with someone deshou~!?
Mashi: I have get married when there's no more debt! (>▽<)''/


naLUVkpop said...

cik mashi,
happy new year!!!
nak tnye skit, cik mashi tgk dh johnny's countdown 2010/2011? kalau dh, mane ek nak tgk??
saye lame tggl dh jpop, ni baru teraddict balik....mau follow up skrg...hehehehe
tq ya...

mashi toma said...

@cik naluv:
happy new year xD
mashi cuma tengok yang 2009 jer.. 2010.. xingt la... tengok ke x.. if ade link... mashi bg kt cik naluv :D

ehe.. tu la.. since teraddict ngn korea.. lpe plak pasal Jpop.. huhu.. mashi pon hampir lupe kt kpop ~_~

anyway if cik naluv nak tengok update psl jpop kt cni: