Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ikuta Toma- DUET 2000+2009 [Translation]

Assume this pic when Toma 15 y.o and 25 y.o

15~25 The me on that day...
We took the article from Duet April issue of 2000
and asked him to answer the same questions he answered back when he was 15 years old
Let's INVESTIGATE Toma's growth in these past 10 years

Question 1 Favourite Food
15 Year Old (10 years ago) hamburger, especially the ones with mushroom sauce
25 year old (present) Cheese burger, I always eat it yo~ Toma still 25 okay lol

Q2 Least Favourite Food

15 = Cauliflower. but Parsley and Celery are also no good
25 = Shellfish. its not particularly that I cannot eat smaller shellfish like clams , but rather I don’t like it. But I have recovered from Cauliflower, Parsley and Celery now (laugh)

Q3 Today’s Breakfast
15 = Rice, natto*, and a sunny side up egg
25 = Unagi onigiri* and mustard leaf onigiri prepared by the studio

Q4 Most Skillful Dish
15 = Spaghetti. I have confidence in my Cod roe and squid Spaghetti yo~ Others include snacks, pudding and fern cake
25 = I don’t cook (laugh). It’s true that I did cook when I was 15 years old ne. Because it’s around the age where one would like to try new things probably? (laugh)

Q5 Music that I like
15 = I always listen to Aiko-san ne. I also bought her CDs yo.
25 = Rock. Now I constantly listen to Story of the Year, Skillet, SAOSIN etc… Lately there’s been a lot of good female rock singers as well ne. And I still listen to Aiko-san.

Q6 Movies that I Like

15 = I don't really have any ne… more like I haven't watched any lately.
25 = “Godfather”, “Back to the Future”, “Goonies” are absolutely films I like. Recent films that I watched and enjoyed include『青春の殺人者』&『太陽を盗んだ男』The list wont end if I have to continue yo.

Q7 The type of Girl I Like
15 = Kawaii, serious, someone who is interesting to be with. And, someone who always talks to me, who will respond to what I say。
25 = someone who loves cleanliness, and… someone who is gentle、 earnest and can get along with others, Girls who try their best at everything they do are also good.

Q8 Things to say when confessing

15 = Things that come naturally like “Lets go out” or something (laughs)
25 = Eh? What did I say before…? Then that will be my answer. (laughs)

Q9 The First Thing I do in the Morning
15 = Gargle and eat
25 = wash my face, then drink a cup of water. Water tastes the best, I’ve realized (laughs)

Q10 Ultimate Relax Time

15 = Times when I lay in my bedroom daydreaming
25 = When I am with my friends probably? When we talk and eat…

Q11 Power Up Item

15 = Sleep. The more you sleep the more energy you’ll have
25 = Encounters with people. Up until now I’ve had wonderful encounters with people, but because of the dramas and movies, I had many wonderful encounters this year.

Q12 What if there is a Time Machine
15 = travel back to the Edo period, I'd like to see the dual between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasashi Kojiro
25 = I’d like to travel back to the Showa period where music and movies are popular and feel the atmosphere there. Seems like a time where it is possible to film 3 movies at the same time. When I was filming in the studio in Kyoto, I’ve heard a lot about it from the staff-san who experienced that era. I felt regretful for not knowing about this era that is full of energy. Lately, I’ve started watching old Japanese films. Yutaka Mizutani-san and ken Ogata san from『青春の殺人者』、and JULIE (Kanazawa Tian Kenji)-san all have such great charisma, they’re all very kakkoii ne.

Q13 Recent Necessities
15 = water, I always bring it along with me
25 = Music Player, As expected, it is impossible without music in my daily life ne-

Q14 Recent troubles

15 = very troubled by the problem of height. I really want to grow to be above 170cm
25 = Thank goodness ne, I grew. I’ve successfully passed 170cm (laughs). Right now… I’d really like to take a break for a week. (laughs) Although I love to work, I still want to say can I take a week off (laughs). If I have time I’d really like to go on a vacation. yeah for sure Toma, you have get more rest after this

Q15 My Hero is…?

15 = Tsubasa from “Captain Tsubasa” . I would imitate him for playing soccer and going up the stairs at the same time and stuff like that, and also practice overhead kicks yo (laughs)
25 = SMAP ne- As expected, they have charisma and are STAR-like. They can always manage to stand at the very top, very amazing ne. Earlier when I was in Kyoto Goro Kazuki-kun and I went out to eat together. Goro-kun was also working in Kyoto’s studio at the same time as I. I even said to him “Hold a concert Already!” (laughs)

Q16 Happiest thing right now
15 = Pro Wrestling. Lately, I find myself very interested in it, and would even record it to watch.
25 = As expected its acting ne. The staff-san I met during “Ningen Shikkaku” filming are all “Movie People” who started working a long time ago. Listening to them talk is very interesting and exciting. And caused a feeling of wanting to watch more movies, film more movies. It stirs up a desire for more…

Q17 Weakness

15 = below my armpit, once it starts itching its over. lol-
25 = Eh? I don't know (laughs)

Q18 When do I think I’m cool?

15 = When I forget my umbrella on a rainy day and have to run home (laughs)
25 = (reads at the answer from 10 years ago) What kind of baka was I? I’d catch a cold (laughs) Now I’d bring an umbrella. Times when I feel cool ne… things like being able to insert wires/cables in the right place without reading the instruction menu (laughs)

Q19 What would I be doing 10 years from now?
15 = What would I be doing ne… I can’t imagine.
25 = 35 right? I’d be married deshou~!? As long as I’m serious about everything I do then its fine. owh please marry me

Q20 My most precious belonging

15 = pictures I took with the Juniors
25 = pictures with Juniors. There are a lot of them ne. They are indeed very precious photos (laughs). From time to time I’d see them and get absorbed into them when I’m cleaning my room. It’s really nostalgic. For example, (Sakurai) Sho-kun looks really young in them. Saying that, I have many pictures of Sho-kun ne. Sho kun always brings a camera a long to take pictures. There are also lots of Hina (Murakami Shingo) . Then, my most precious things right now are my friends and family.



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awww no mention of pi? hehehehe! daijoubu desu.. but ahahaha what a wonderful answer toma~ u so funny!

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aww..y must Pi lol- mebi Pi didnt appear on dat day- hehe..yup so funny aite ;p aigoo