Saturday, December 31, 2011

Akemashite Omedettou!!

may this year will be better than last year.. hahaha, aww sorry minna, I didnt and I cant prepare anything for this New Year celebration..
Yes, I know.. this entry, should be more information and a bunch of picture after my long break..
but I'm sorry, cz I cant make it, I'm really sorry.. wish I could make it better after this for my lovely blog,

I miss my follower, my stalker and everyone who keep drop and reading my entry hehe.. thank you.. I promise with you, I'll make it (edit this entry, as soon as possible) I really miss my blog and sharing news.
Ja matta ne-
p/s: almost forgot bout my 2nd anniversary for my lovely blog.. gomen-na........  (+.+)"

this is my last year entry for Happy New Year

edit @11.15pm, 4 Jan 2012:

Konbanwa minna-san!! I'm back, uf fu fu.. I'm tired, too tired.. did you know why?? yes, atsui ne- even there's 風の強い ah, still hot.. that's why I didn't update my blog (who cares huh?!)
forgot to ask you.. (cough2) minna-san!! genki desuka? where did you celebrate your new year? stay at home, in front your laptop, next to you pet or at work?? haha.. heeyy where are you on that day? Okay, I'll answer it first, end of 2011 and beginning 2012, mashi celebrated it in front of my lovely lappy but my mind keep thinking.. eh I need to work tomorrow, urgh..

01 January 2012 : mashi was at her workplace ne-

so, I'm not celebrated new year at all (stressed) hahaha..
when I want to watched JCD streaming my network turn to like eyy..
then I try to post something on my blog, but.. as u see.. it's nothing.. I'm not in a good mood (=.=)

CHANGE mood!!!
kYaaAh!! I saw him... my prince on J-web for New Year Message.. aww..
I hate his hair (gomen) if you didn't watch it yet, I will give you the link for it-

click HERE to download toma New Year message

and this is scan for e-pop which I promised to share with you guys last year hahaha..
click *HERE*
please wait for my next entry bout bloggie 2nd anniversary


ジュリャ said...


We literally blogged at the same time. :p

Hu hu.

Akemashite omedetou!!

Hisashiburi da ne. Where have you been?


mashi2 said...

Ake ome, Julya-chan :)

hait, unfortunately my entry just like eww..

ah- too busy at the end of the year, closing everything, clearing all book which arrived at 2011.. create new file for 2012.. haha..

anyway, how bout you.. still in search mode.. or did you find something that would attract you in :)

ah- I miss you so much!

ジュリャ said...

Uh, you are one busy librarian ne?

Ii ne. You seem like you committed to your job. :)

After a bunch of job last year, I started a new job just few day ago.

I can say that it was a job that related to leisure entertainment industry. Ufufu.

I actually in training now, and so far, it's fun.

Can I adapt to this job?

Shiranai yo. Let just wait and see.:p

Btw, had you seen New Year Message at Johnnys net? :)

mashi toma said...

hahaha ;p I guess so, even my colleagues and supervisor said so xD

I never say no.. that's why they're keep teasing when I'm around.. or just stay at my place +.+


really congratulation, I just read ur entry bout it, but still not clear bout what haha.. how long u'll be as a trainee? did you enjoy ur training?

yes i'll wait for it.. hope u'll enjoy this job since it was ent industry ;p

New Year msg? eh- =.=' not yet, was it on their official web or through our mail? hehe

ジュリャ said...

Oh! So you work during New Year ne?

The pay will be doubled ne.

Ii na. Ii naa.. :)

Ho ho.

About my job, I purposely disclosed most of the information about it at my blog. :p

Too much information will make it too personal ne.

But I bet sooner or later u can probably guess where I work at.
Fu fu.

I'm not sure till when I will be in training. A month maybe?

The theme park will be opened on February, but that still not confirmed yet.

Ah, I see u had watch the Johnny New Year msg ne? :)

mashi toma said...

hai!! haha.. and I got KFC from my boss hahaha..

ah- its okay ne, as long as u feel comfortable :)
me too, try to keep my personal life but sometime I cant hold it lol.. it just burst out xD

yup.. from others... and I'll share it on this entry :)