Friday, October 7, 2011

0710 was his birthday.. ^v^

I just miss his smile..
sorry for long hiatus.. doesn't mean mashi, ignore this site.. I just need a time to recover...haha.. for what? okie, I had to find right time to update my blog.. since I'm super duper busy with my working life ne- *gomen-na* and.. today, I forced myself to write something *eyy what's wrong with my sentence? I'm in trouble now.. my english?* on his special day :) even I did not prepare anything, I hope.. all his fans would do something special =.=' and me? take a part in Kate's birthday project, aww thank you Kate!! love you so much!!
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celebrate with my family and we ate


ai_jiejin said...

wah..nmpk sedap!~^^ mam ktner?

mashi_toma said...

kat jusco AU2

mashi_toma said...

sedap sgt xD hohoho..

ai_jiejin said... japan ke? ok x price die? hehe

mashi toma said...

hee.. xpasan eh, mangkuk tako tu?
kn mangkuk..kan sushi king pnye tuh ngee-

ai_jiejin said...

ow..ha'a. la...haha XD
ow yg ni mkn set tu ke..
tp xtry lg..hehe