Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mashi as Ms Sifufu

Konbanwa minna-san,
*staring in front of my lappy almost half an hour*
yeah~!! again, don't know how to make an introduction =.="
I miss my fangirling mode.. miss my blogger friend.. miss spending time with him, my prince..
I couldn't even got a time to download every clip that he in.. *tasukete kudasai*
There's something I wanna let you know about my new nickname,
I used to have lot of nickname.. [LJ friends only]
and this is my recent nickname harharhar Ms Sifufu.. I don't think that it suit with me =.=" but it's okay..
from my view Sifufu also known as Sifu kyaAh- I'm not your master, still learning and willing to help everyone around me..
I just want to be like my prince, helping his friend-cheer up everyone around him-change environment from negative to positive, I just want to be strong..tough.. just like him..

To Ms Smiling Eyes,
thanks for being my friend.. and thanks for this super nickname which I have no right to use it =.="
we may got some similarity but I love to be with you when we are different~!! pwahaha...
I just feel that you are my Yamapi tee-hee.. as you know he's Toma hanbun :)

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