Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mashi with her new hectic life

Konnichiwa minna-san~!!


ne.. I havent posting any entry since my last entry, which is about my birthday.. hehe..

and almost forgot my password for this blog.. hu hu.. gomen-ne, luckily I can reset it back lol.. *means.. I cant remember my password*

okay, first of all I want to let you know that I have change my job.. for those who keep update about me from FB or LJ, I did tell where am I right now.. ehehe..

I love my job, even this kind of tough for me.. I still love it.. learn lot of thing, facing various cases and always in rush to catch up everything.. and all work must be done before cut of time.. eto, for the 1st month.. I'm exhausted with this kind of thing.. I dont have much time to learn from the ex-worker.. *stressed* this word would always come out from my mouth.. when my boss keep pushing me to do this and that in a limited time.. I mean... all of my work have to be done before lunch..??

and without any mistake~!! means, ur hand, eyes.. everything you do must be fast~!! run.. dont walk.. please be sharp..even it's single mistake, you'll be fired.. hahaha..

here I'll give you link, if you want to read my LJ post, [friend only]

Last but not least, Tanjoubi Omedettou Tegoshi Yuya.. have a great day ahead ne?

gomen-ne for not updating about Toma's birthday, but I did celebrate his birthday with his fans, click here


c.nad said...

cik mashi!
aigoo lamenye masing2 x update blog ye..
cik mashi sht ke??
btw happy beeeelated bday(sbb dh lepas lepas lepas tu sbb beee die pjg sgt tu) to cik mashi and h.b too to tegoshi yuya yang comel!

マシトマ said...

=.=' gomen nasai, tk perasan ur comment..

dia masuk kt spam..haha... da setahun lebih baru perasan... OMG..

hontouni..hontouni..gomenasai cik...