Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm sorry, I did it again..

Konnichiwa minna-san,
Genki desu ka?

Huargh.. hontouni gomen-nasai for not being here almost half year *sigh*
I'm not sure if my followers and silent reader, are still waiting for my news?
Hehe.. to tired with my current job, work like a slave.. make sure everything done on time..
No more anniversary.. birthday's wishes from me.. hahahha..

Even I'm working like a slave, but I'm happy to have a lot of friend around me to cheer me up to mix my feeling, sharing thought and gossiping about anything..
With them, I try lot of thing that I never did before.. they teach me to be more independent and confident with myself.. hoho.. arigato gozaimasu~!!

There're lot of thing I want to share with my readers.. but I don't know where should I start, argh.. failed with chronology whatsoever..
My Idol still Ikuta Toma, and I love everything about Japanese. it's still remain the same like before.. no change.. I cant really like other celebrity like him..

and my wish, to meet him in Japan.. it's okay if I cant meet him personally.. at least I could stand or been at the same place like him kyAaaHh~!!!!

1 comment:

ジュリャ said...


I can understand what u facing

When u busy with work there is no time to think about other matter ne

But after awhile u start missing writing in here

Same like me(^_^;)

I'm looking forward for your stories to be told here

Ja ne