Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Otanjoubi Omedettou Ikuta Ryuusei + Toma Fangirls Gathering report~!


Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, mashi desu..

Otanjoubi Omedettou Ikuta Ryuusei~!
You are now 24 years old!! yeay!!!
I wish, you’ll have a great birthday with your family..

and especially with my brother-in-law [fangirl mode]
aww- ryuusei-kun, I need your picture..proper one.. not in passport size ~_~
[it would be great if you had some photoshoot with your brother ne-]
[Toma fangirl mode on]
I wonder, where should I post this report?
should I post it on my blog or on my journal..
finally, I choose both~

our first time gathering-environment just like my empty drink

Here a quick report for our first time gathering [not that quick actually]


Chain bag, now belong to Aya-chan

this is what I bought recently

10 June 2012 @ 06:47 pm from tfgirls 

finally~!!!! warate iitomo in english subtitle done by this community.. Yeay~!!!
[so this is your birthday present ne- ryuusei-kun?]
please join this community to download.
Ryuusei singing

VS Arashi
12 June 2012 @ 12:47 pm from Kavya-kvb

Ikuta Toma to play an unfeeling killer~! “Nou Otoko” also known as Brain Man
[Toma-kun, I never thought u’ll give this kowai present for ur ototo ne- serial killer?!]

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