Saturday, May 26, 2012

KLCC-Pavilion-Fahrenheit88-KL Festival ('-ω-`), at

This title based on my lovely cousin album on her FB..

it’s may be an exhausted weekend I ever had in my life ho ho..
hang out with my cousin and ototo during weekend.. it’s rare ne-
cause usually I’d post an entry when I’m with my tomodachi.. ~_~

I need to guide and show her every single place that I’ve visit with my friend in 1 day ne- muzukashi~!
hurm, unfortunately.. me, person in charge to guide her.. can’t remember the direction to Pavilion ~_~ gomen-nasai..
my short term memory…[it’s really annoying ne]

and finally, I decide to ask someone for the direction xD hazukashii..
and I found someone who’s busy to remove the flag from its pole near to KLCC..[not necessary to tell you..right?]

Me: Sir, tumpang tanya..macam mana nak ke Pavilion ye?
S: Ye saya, [hold the flag] arah sini..[point to KLCC] …. eh.. eh.. kejap.. [turn his head] ah- arah sini… nanti cik nampak Menara Pinang……..[very long and detail direction-this shounen, kakkoi ne]
Me: Terima kasih ye [still blur]

Finally.. I saw Pavilion in front of me ne- and I realized that.. I just take wrong exit from kLcc
[that’s why I couldn’t find the right way to Pavilion.. cz last time, I went to Pavilion with my friend.. he shows the direction from kLcc to Pavilion by walking]..

hontouni gomennasai m(_ _)m
Then we start our journey..from kLcc at 4.30 pm and arrived around 4.50 pm in Pavilion ~_~ [include taking picture.. way to Pavilion]

my lovely cousin
[she loved to pose ne-]
welcome to
Tokyo Street
[suddenly, my ototo..told me..that he feels hungry-
I try to find Aisu Kurimu stall which is located in Tokyo street…but I just found Kindori stall..and Ochado stall.. and.. Hokkaido cake house..]
then I decide to go to food court..[more cheaper and got various cuisine ne-]

we just take Thai cuisine for our lunch plus dinner ~_~ and it taste like… @_@ regret~!
when our stomach full of food and drink…[I feel like, should we go back now? I’m tired xD] plus my cousin.. feel uncomfortable with her shoes ne..its make her foots swollen…
at Fahrenheit88
but we just walked around.. non stop.. because this is… her 1st time ever in kL..

my ototo..notice.. with someone that he familiar.. ~_~

Dato’ K husband of Datok siti xD sitting alone..maybe waiting for someone..[datok siti?]
I love photography, here some of picture from my collection on that day tee hee-

minna I've done some MEME on my LJ, it's not fully done actually hehee


ai_jiejin said...

wah-best2!~~ ^^
bkn main lg bgaya ur cousin ye..hoho-
tp yg tukg amek tuh tarak la plak.. hehe
tp love ur "pemandgn mlm" tuh!

マシトマ said...

yup.. best sgt..
sampai nak tercabut kaki..
er...gmbr I.. hehe.. nt jmpe tengok la hoho..
night shot tuh?
cousin I lor.. nk sgt.. nmpk smpai pucuk.. then.. kna la.. cari angle yg