Saturday, June 23, 2012

I miss TomaPi

Minna~! moshi-moshi..
fu fu.. I miss TomaPi rabu-rabu ne..

anyway, I just found this entry on tumblr for actor of the month
and here I wanna share translation for TomaPi @ Seventeen-2007.8.15

Ikuta: As one who was picked on I’ve fully accepted it. Honestly back then I envied Yamashita, who was adored like that. “This guy’s so happy.” Like this.

Yamashita: Hahaha. Ma, perhaps happy in a way, but there were also difficult times.

Ikuta: There was once that I got Yamashita flooded by the river.

Both: (Cracking Up)

Yamashita: I’ll never forget, MYOJO!!

Ikuta: It was a project like “camping by the river”, and Yamashita and I borrowed swim rings to play in the river. I said to him “Try toflow from here to there.”

Yamashita: But the water was pretty rapid. At the time I still called him “Ikuta-kun”, so the first time I was asked this “Ah, yes”, I reluctantly got in the river.

Ikuta: Yamashita was scared at that point and I thought I should do something, so I kicked him and he was swamped away!

Yamashita: No! You skipped a lot. (Angry) The first time we got flooded we grabbed the rocks downstream. But by then I was thinking“That was close!”

Ikuta: To put it simply, we wanted to test our nerves.

Yamashita: Then you asked me do it again. “Ehh?! That’s not so good!” If my voice already showed that I was scared, yappari I couldn’t grab on the rocks…

Ikuta: “Save me!!” You were yelling.

Yamashita: Of course I’ll yell! When I got flooded there were pebbly rocks underneath, and it hurt a lot more than it looked from the bank. That was the first time in my life I thought “I’m going to die.”Even the staff changed expressions and were worried, but this guy was clapping his hands and laughing.

Ikuta: A bit ahead there was a place like a lake where the water stopped flowing. Then, the person who always came calling “Ikuta-kun”yelled “Are you joking?! You!” After that we could tell each other anything.

Yamashita: Because we were on the verge of death. (Laugh) Speaking of which, it was really scary.

Ikuta: I’m sorry. It’s great you were okay. If you were swamped away you couldn’t have sung ‘Daite Senorita’.

Yamashita: Yeah. However, on the other hand when Toma was mad at me he was always right. Still I was stubborn and argued back. It was my fault.

Ikuta: He’ll never say “I’m sorry”.

Yamashita: I knew it was my fault but I couldn’t say it. Now I can openly say it. I’m sorry!

Ikuta: Wahahahahaha!!!!!!!
I guess this is, when TomaPi start :)

fully credit to the respective owner from LJ and shown on pic.

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