Monday, April 9, 2012

Shopping Time~

Konbanwa minna-san!!

Mashi desu~

Today is my off day~ [haha I just copy this intro from julya-chann]

I just get back from shopping with my family..again hehe-
this week and last week..

and.. I bought.. err..
coffee blog [finally, I got it-]
Etude product [no need to go to TS or Sg Wang anymore]
new cloth for my phone

Pororo!!- my lil. bro love Haha from Running Man [Pororo and Haroro]
and this, I bought for my lil. sis Yasmeen Nuriesya
isn't she lovely?

ho ho, yesterday I've finish doing/answer some quiz.. [????]
Yup, I love Quiz..for this one.. I got Batman from [Superman and Spiderman]

p/s: gomen-na too much picture.. but, I really wanna share some of it in my entry [this is my blog!!]*evil laugh*


ジュリャ said...

Ho ho.

The nose pack.

Had u try use it?

It feel so hurt when I remove the strip.

I cried a little.

Fu fu

^^ "

New phone case?
What type of phone u use?

Me want change new cover also.
But as I use flip phone..
Dame da ne...

I like doing quiz too.
Share some quiz with me, sometimes ne.

mashi toma said...

Not yet,
but I tried something else,which is also peeling-
ehe,to clear blck pore.

Mine Smsung Galaxy S..
quite difficlt to find its cover,as u know Iphone n BB more popular-

and I found rilakumma cover-
but I want pink its too big for me.ha5

what model,for ur current mobile-

really?nxt time I'll share it with u.tee hee

NiJun said...

Hi mashi!
what a long time i didn't leave comment here on ur blog.
wah shopping dgn fmily best ayah blnje mkn :) how r u?

mashi toma said...

Hello nijun~

wah~ hisashiburi ne (^.^)/"
haha.. it's okay ne.. since we both busy with our real life fu fu..

yup~ dia blanja makan jer... the rest, duit cniri.. (>.<)"
I'm fine, busy with my core duty as a cataloguer hehe..
how bout you dear? is everything okay (^__^)

ai_jiejin said...

amboii shopping ye..
so, beli tuh kat mane? etude tuh..

alololo..comeinye..pororo tuh! ^^
min kat ctu cm da nmpk model tkenal..hehe XD

erm, buku ttg pew tuh?

mashi toma said...

Yup,alhamdulillah,.ada rezeki lebih cket.
Ingt nk post entry bout tmpt mkn yg I
ha5..rasa rugi kalo mkn xsdp he5,tp I da jmpe 1 tmpt best..
Yup my ototo sleep with him,cm budk2 je-
yasmeen cm model?hontouni?but i like her brother photography,meen just like me.dont really like any1 tke our pic.
Pasal love-life-random.nak wat ke?nt I scan,

ジュリャ said...


Galaxy S desu ka?

I'm so envious of Iphone user that have so many phone case.

Moreover the Rilakkuma one that is so cute..

Me just use LG Lollipop.


Dont have case to change!

Was thinking to change new phone.

But I dont like touch screen phone,

Want flipphone, but dont have many choice in market


Shouganai ne..

mashi toma said...

Yup,bought it last year-
cz my SE totally broke, and I cant make even a single call..
I used to hate touch screen phone,cz I am scard if couldnt send any msg or reply I am bit slow xD
but now I feel cmfortble cz I can change keypad type to basic 1-
I guess u love flip phone,cz most of jpanese using it right xD

ジュリャ said...

My phone also cant make call now.

- __ - "

I need to use loudspeaker function to make call.

Taihen desu yo.

Ugh, what if I'm in crowded place, like in a bus ne?

I cant make call in loudspeaker ne.

All the people in the bus will listen to my conversation.

So I think I want new phone. T__T

. . .

I think after awhile using, u will get used to the touchscreen phone ne.

Yes, I like flip phone, because I want to deco it.