Sunday, March 18, 2012

A promise must never be broken

It’s been awhile, since I post my previous entry which is on last weeks-
I just couldn’t bear it anymore.. since she keep ignoring my comment…my text and even my wall post!! it’s really awful ne- I’m not expecting that she would do this to me.. it’s really hurt, to have a friend.. with no respect toward their friends..
I don’t want to hurt her, but she hurt me.. more and more.. till I feel like outsider or stranger?? [on her mind] like she doesn’t know me at all.. and she forget everything about me *sigh*

she ask me for something, and we have a deal.. Suddenly, she ignored me… like she had nothing to do with me??[I really wanna help you out from this problem..and now you are happy with your own life..not even say ‘sorry I just found someone else for helping me’ or ‘ I think, I should solve and learn  it by myself’]

I don’t know, whether she read this entry or not.. I just want you to know that.. you hurt me..without using any weapon.. [you just not fulfilled our promised and not giving any reason for this]

at least give me your excuse, and not to ignoring’s hurt waiting for your reply.. it’s hurt when you said you never got my text.. I try to reach you everywhere- but still, no respond from you my cruel friend


ジュリャ said...

Look like you feeling left out ne.

Because your friend ignoring you and broken her promise..

I don't know how to said it, but I understand how you want to help your friend with her problem.

Maybe your friend just need a time off and figure out things herself?

Think of it that way, and give her time to resolve things.

Mashi, genki dashite ne. ( ^ o ^)//

mashi toma said...


Actually this kind of thing.. face it quite often ne-[with her]… and sometimes I feel like leftover towards my friend haha-

It’s okay if she needs some space.. at least gve me an excuse..and not let me keep waiting for the whole time haih-

This is my first time.. meet a friend who treat me like this.. fu fu