Saturday, March 10, 2012

My MP3 top list + 200th post

This blog finally reach 200th post teehee,
Hontouni gomennasai, I really want to post this entry on 1st March,
but then I realized that too many thing need to be done for this entry, so I decided to save it as a draft~ [anyway who cares hahaha]
And now I wanna show you my previous header with Toma, hahaha I just can’t remember any header without Toma I ever use before… ^.^v
This is not mine, no editing (fully credit to the respective owner)

This is mine, first try edit using photoscape
Edit using
Edit using + photoscape

Minna- I really don’t know how to use Adobe photoshop fu-fuu

Today~ I wanna share my favourite song from Japan and Korea with you guys,

Minna-san, can you suggest/share any new song for my mp3 list??
[Japanese and Korean onlyˉ зˉ)—-c(˚w˚)]
FYI I do like listen to their song Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys.
And today [29 Feb'12] a group of Tunku Abdul Rahman student also known as Tarcian gave me a thank you muffin aww I’m so glad being part of them ehe.. They’re such a caring person ne- appreciate all staffu-san in TARC minna, hontouni arigato gozaimasu ~o( 'v' )o~


ジュリャ said...

Congrats on ur 200th post!

Ho ho. :)

About the song on ur list, I listen to most of the artist on ur Japan list. Fu fu.

So what else to suggest ne?

Unn. Had u ever listen to SCANDAL?

I've been on/off listening to them.

Since Shunkan Sentimental and Shoujo S..

But recently became fan again after the release of CUTE.

Try listen..


ai_jiejin said...

thanks toma-sbp suka bigbang song too~!!

mashi toma said...

Thanks Julya-chan :)
anyway- I just shared few of it ne-
repeat again and again.. and sometimes, I feel bored..
that's why I need ur suggestion..
already watched this vid..
wah- kawaii ne..

I try to listen.. more and more their song :)

thank you2x

mashi toma said...

hait.. ehe.. thank you...
now mashi start to listen their song kyaAh-
love them ;p