Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mashi met Obama \(^o^)/

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu~

fu fu, again- posting new entry in the middle of night...
and my heart keep saying.. "please, don't post any entry bout it"
but my mind.. ha ha.. as usual "post it as soon as possible!!"

it's begin, when I'm all alone in my office after lunch, on Friday ~_~ cause almost all of my colleagues had had a meeting with a guest from Melbourne [if I'm not mistaken]

and they [my superior] ask me to "take care of yourself.." *but why?~*

20 minutes later..

I got my own mission *big grin* [of course, I love the moment when I am all alone in office]
then, I grab my phone for...'picture time meh' ha ha.. last week, we've got new staff.. and.. and..
I need to moved from my place just for her..

I try to snap a picture of my ex-place =.=' [focus!!]
I notice something..weird/surprise? ho ho..
on my picture
can you see any weird object??

okay, now I'll zoom it..

and show it fu fu
he makes me %&$# shock!!
-cause I thought someone notice me while I'm busy taking a picture-



ai_jiejin said...


too shock cause he saw u..

*funny* XD

mashi toma said...

Almost cant breath, and I laugh really because of him..pwahaha Obama haih-

ジュリャ said...

Hu hu

Too funny!

I'm sure you feel surprised at that time when you notice there is a head in the corner peeking at you ne.


Btw, so envious of you, because you got ur own table at workplace.

Workplace also look relaxed and not busy..


mashi toma said...

Hait~ I laugh so hard, cause he stare me like that xD

as I said before, it was my ex-place, cause my new working area..
in front of my superior, how should I explained ~_~

she could see my back actually.. fu fu.. [stress]