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Ikuta Toma-Nonno 03/08 Translations Questions 1-43

I got this super long translation from Asian Fanatic, haha I'm rarely being right there.. but since last month.. my fangirlin mode towards Ikuta Toma..are back~!

first of all, I wanna thanks to the translator: teacup

Q1: Tell me your birth date, blood type, and birth place
A1: I was born on October 7th, 1984. My blood type is A, and I was born in Hokkaido.

Q2: What is the favorite part of your body?
A2: My long hands. It's not really special, but it's better than short hands.
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Q3: What do you dislike about yourself?
A3: My lips. They make me appear to be not very serious.

Q4: What do you have to carry around everyday?
A4: My cell phone, wallet, and music player. Basically, I don't carry bags around, so I just put everything in my pocket. But recently, I bought speakers for my music player, so I've started carrying bags to bring it to places.

Q5: What do you want to eat everyday?
A5: Beef over rice! I want to eat it everyday! Before practice for my musicals, I would go to the Beef Over Rice store to eat breakfast. It's become routine.

Q6: What's your favorite food?
A6: Hamburgers and Curry. I like the stuff that little kids like.
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Q7: What do you hate the most?
A7: Shell food. I really can't stand shell food. Once, Takizawa Hideaki took me to eat clams and told me they were definitely delicious. I completely couldn't eat it. I thought, I'm never going to eat this again in my life.

Q8: What's your favorite manga?
A8: Crows, West, DMC, One Piece. I have a bunch of other manga too. I like the manga that only boys like.

Q9: If you were to act out a manga, which one would you choose?
A9: Shun-kun around acted out Crows. It's very hard to act out the manga I like. I don't want to watch it being overdone with CG, and I don't want to watch things that are too unrealistic.

Q10: Who's your favorite comedian?
A10: Maketo! Although I don't understand him, I'd still laugh. I've watched all of his comedic DVDs, and I often imitate them at home.

Q11: Are you the e-mail type or the phone type?
A11: I use both e-mail and phones very much. But my phone doesn't ring often. There are about five or six calls every day.

Q12: What are phone emoticons that you often use?
A12: Hearts, circles, smiles. I would use hearts first, like "I understand <3"

Q13: How many messages have you saved on your phone?
A13: About 200

Q14: How much money did you bring today?
A14: Very little today. About 2000 yen. It's ok today. Usually, I bring a bit more.

Q15: How much do you sleep on average?
A15: About 4-5 hours a day. I wake up at 4 in the morning when I have to film.

Q16: How long do you shower for on average?
A16: 15 minutes.
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Q17: What do you do first thing in the morning?
A17: Wash my face.

Q18: What's your favorite movie?
A18: The Shawshank Redemption. Whether it's a movie or a manga, I like the ones that show male friendship.

Q19: Your favorite actors are?
A19: Yoshikawa Shintaro-san, Ichikawa-san, Ichikawa Kamejirou-san. I like Kamejirou-san's role in Kazan Fuurin very much.

Q20: What would you like to try doing?
Q20: Scuba diving. I want to go to the Australian beach. The ones with white sand are especially beautiful. I want to experience scuba diving there.
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Q21: What is your favorite alcohol?
A21: Lately, I really like Red Phruoaka. If I have to come up with a category, I like the sour, berry kind.

Q22: What was your dream in elementary school?
A22: To be a soccer player. Ever since I came into this world, I've liked soccer.

Q23: Please let us see what you've brought today!
A23: Sunglasses, script, hat, nail trimmers. Sunglasses and hats are very popular lately.The script is HC's, so you can see a nice picture on the cover. I always bring a nail trimmer with me.

Q24: What did you used to collect?
A24: Hide-san's stuff. I really liked X-Japan, so I had a lot of Hidesan's t-shirt, coats, etc. My most valuable things are the souvenirs from the [X-Japan] break-up live, grape wine. I don't think I'll ever open it!

Q25: What song are you good at for Karaoke?
A25: [The day we meet again]. When I sing this, I'd feel the "nice voice". I also sing SMAP and Kinki Kids very often.

Q26: Favorite [sports] players?
A26: If we're talking about soccer, then I really like Yokohama team's Inohara. If it's wrestling,
then [can’t read the fonts]. In middle school, I liked professional wrestling magazines very much.

Q27: What's your opinion on fashion?
A27: As long as you're happy! There's nothing special. I like the ones that are not complicated, easy to wear, casual looks.

Q28: What's your special skill?
A28: I can sleep wherever. Before, I was the type that couldn't even sleep if the pillow was different. Hotels were very troublesome for me. But lately, I can sleep anytime, even in the practice rooms I can fall asleep.

Q29: Do you like girls' perfume?
A29: I like it. I want girls to use perfume. I also like the perfume that I use myself.

Q30; When you see a girl, which part would your eyes automatically wander to?
A30: Eyes. I'm completely unskilled with looking at the style, so when I look at the eyes, I'll know what the basic type of person she is.
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Q31: What's a reoccurring dream that you have?
A31: Dreams that involve danger. For example, during stage plays, I would dream that we'd have to perform without practice or that I forgot my lines. Of course, this would never happen in reality!

Q32: Have you had your brain substance analyzed? [The one with the image of a brain with words like "money" or "work" covering it]
A32: Yep. I've tried to play and work at the same time, but I like this job, so I rarely feel like I'm "working". I really want money too. Ah, but if that's true, then [play] will decrease. Yeah~

Q33: Where do you want to go now?
A33: Okinawa. I've only went for my job once. I'd like to go by myself some time.

Q34: If you compare yourself to an animal?
A34: A cat or a dog. Probably dog, because I'm a dog fan. When I was young, I was told that I resembled a panda.
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Q35: How do you spend your days off?
A35: Watch Live DVDs. Clean. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I watch a movie, but I spend most of my time at home.

Q36: What's your weakness?
A36: Powder medicine that you mix with water. I've been helpless with bad-tasting medicine since a long time ago.

Q37: If you were to go on a trip, would you choose the ocean or the mountains?
A37: Ocean. Although you're supposed to surf, I like the too purely look at the ocean. Occasionally, I would drive there.

Q38: What did you eat for your last dinner?
A38: Hamburger. Last time, Riko asked me the same question. When I answered "hamburger," I was laughed at. Shouldn't it be cute? I really like it.

Q39: If you could only bring three things with you to an island, what would you bring?
A39: Speakers, battery charger...ah...there's no electricity on secluded's pretty hard to decide then...manga probably. Yep~Manga!

Um...I'm gonna skip 40 & 41, because they're bizarre and I have no idea what's going on. LOL. Sorry, translator ineptitude.

Q42: What was your first magazine?
A42: 1996's october Myojo.

Q43: If you were a girl, what kind of person would you like?
A43: L'arc en Ciel's Hyde san. That kind of person that suddenly becomes angry is really cool.


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