Sunday, February 5, 2012

The truth about me (^,^)/”

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Again, late on posting new entry but Yeay~! long holiday ne-
wah!! it’s almost a week..

So? Did u enjoy your day with your family!! For those who celebrate it, please!!
collect Ang Pau as much as you can hehe..

I know most of you waiting my new entry patiently.. Unfortunately, I don’t know why suddenly my lappy ‘unexpected shutdown-with no warning’ so I decide to send it at specialist,
and it take more than a week!! I miss lot of thing bout Toma,

I don’t have much time to keep on track with his news. (take more than 10 min. for next sentence) Eto, to be honest, I keep on track with his news and rumors,
but I don’t have much time to post it on my entry hontouni gomen-nasai..

Here I’ll update roughly bout him ne-

Bokura Ga Ita

New Icon

Ryuusei talk bout Toma on his blog?(almost 3page)

Ryuusei VS Arashi

Toma in Hawaii with Shun?

Hehehe, I don’t have much time to rewrite this post using my own word *too lazy* if you wanna know more bout this post (just click on each title)

Ah- I just found this picture from s/one blog,

Jang Geun Suk

Kim Hyun Joong

My new bias G.O from MBLAQ


Jo Hyun Jae
I just love their voice so much~ Jo Hyun Jae also known as Han Kang in 49days
and G.O from MBLAQ Sometimes I missed K-entertainment, yes I know.. this blog more bout Toma and J-entertainment,
I do like Korean entertainment, but I think..

There are bunch of blogger who keep updating bout JGS, KHJ, Double S and so on..and yes, I missed a lot of thing bout Korean! I can’t keep on track with them T.T

I know it’s too late to post bout NEWS but, I just wanna share this picture from early years NEWS till now


ジュリャ said...

Bokura Ga Ita?

A movie ka na?

mashi toma said...


I just watch its trailer,

I dont know why, it's almost the same as Hanamizuki.. xD

I dont even watch anime version or manga..

how bout you, do you know bout this anime?

ジュリャ said...

I heard about the anime before.

But never seen the anime yet.

The trailer look interesting.

Ho ho. It did remind me of Hanamizuki too.

With those highschool day scene and present day scene ne..

Somehow I afraid I will dislike Toma character in this movie, if its the same like in Hanamizuki..

Fu fu :p

Oh. Maybe I shud find the anime first ne..

( ^ w ^ "(/

mashi toma said...


I miss crazy toma in hanakimi !!
but if I'm not mistake, this will be his last with student character,

aww.. I hope, he'll got other character-

hait.. we should watch anime version 1st haha