Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine Day ♥ о(ж>▽<)y

There's nothing much to update on this entry, lack of idea posting new entry ne-

I'm totally wordless, I couldn't be a good blogger anymore.. even I try my best to keep updating my blog, I'm fail to do so..

What happen to me? am I out of my mind, or my fangirling mode disappear a bit as I dont have much time to focused with them.. as much as I do before? hurm-

I know, this entry could be a no. 1 on your list for "blank blogger ever haha"

Actually, I feel lonely.. deep on my heart, I need someone to fulfill my life.. always there for me,..
ah- I should stop it!! how can I stop my feeling??
and I do feel jealous when there were couple, walking together.. and yes, I do feel stressed *haha.. what with my word?* when people around me tied their knot-

sometime I feel like I wanna kidnapped either Toma or Ryuusei be my kareshi atleast 1 day.. *desperate*

for this V-Day I just wanna share some of Toma Icon for Bokura Ga Ita
SS501 single, I mean their own single.. ~_~
Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Kyu Jong

Heo Young Saeng

Park Jung Min

Kim Hyung Joon


ジュリャ said...

No idea?

( ^ w ^ ")/

Uhuu. I dunno how to say it here, but as for me, I always wanted to post about every little things that happen in my life.

Like things that I purchase, interesting things that happen on my day, or something that bothered me and so on..

And of course, a lot of fangirling in between. :p

I always like to post about things i purchase, because I want to remember the times when I buy that. Ho ho.

I also like to blogged about what happen at work, what I'm doing at work, whether I get praised or get scolded. :p

Because I tend to forgetting those moment, despite the fact that I really want to remember it.

Hopefully you will get your writing inspiration soon!

Btw, happy barentain! ( ^ w ^ )/

mashi toma said...


Aww, what should I do ne-
hahaha.. as u know I am super duper lazy..okay try to think bout it bwahaha xD

Anyway, I do wanna share every little thing which is happen in my life, but I didn’t know where and how should I start my entry..I really want to share with my lovely followers like you hee-

To be honest, I envy with u...when you have something to post bout KAT-TUN, I noticed that u always wanted to buy their new single…and u got KAT-TUN fans more than TOMA fans in our country, so that I’ll feel lonely cz I couldn’t share bout him with Toma Fans in M’sia *tears*

Most of your entry, make me smile.. simple entry but lot of info bout your life ne-

happy barentain oh my julya~ *imitate nanba senpai*


I(•˘з˘•)-o||Toma Ikuta||
[if you are Toma Ikuta fans from Malaysia-please shout ur name, cz your voice will encourage me to keep updating bout Toma-kun and I really want to chat with you guys-]

ジュリャ said...


Sabishii da ne..

( ^ w ^ ")/

You should consider urself as lucky to be among Toma's fan in Malaysia.

No need for u to share him.

Ho ho. :p

. . .

You will always felt lonely when there is no one to share the same interest with you ne..

Honestly, most of my real life friend crazy of K-pop.

Even my colleague at work, there is no one that I know listen to J-pop.

Ufufu. Nanka sabishi da mou..

So as I can't fangirling much with my friend and colleague, I put all my thoughts about KAT-TUN in my post. :)

. .

Oh.I'm glad u like reading my post.

Nanka hazukashii..

It just full of randomness sometimes.

( = w = )//

. ..

Oh. Nanba-senpai from HanaKimi ne?!
( * w * )/

I will be looking forward for your next post. Ganbatte ne..:)

mashi toma said...

Sabishii?? Hai~ always ne ♥ haha

Thank you Julya…*hugs*

I may be the lucky one, but it’s hard to get info bout him as much as others-
Most of article about him, rumors, picture and video.. were in Chinese uwa- and I can’t understand every single word..

Ah- I should be proud to be his fans, more than 4 years xD

Yup, you’re right-
K-pop fever, everywhere.. Include myself hahaha gomen-na..
But they will never replace my prince ♥♥

Not to mention here, I do have Korean friends… but,, still I need Japanese friend more than Korean, and I even ask my Korean friend to find any Japanese people for me..

Ah- ur entry too cute ne- with lot of emoticon.. wish I could make it on my entry… but I cant *sad*

Hait.. Nanba singing and Nakatsu keep bothering him xD