Saturday, January 7, 2012

2nd Anniversary for my lovely blog ^o^

It may be late, but I try to my best to fill this entry

with lot of information and sharing something with you guys hehe..
this year, I'll try my best to post at least 2 entry per month on my blog..*cross finger*

minna-san, please forgive me..cause being hiatus for a long time ~_~ I'm so bad ne-

for reward to my beloved followers,

keep waiting my new entry I'll give you this purezento~ for New Year,
do you like it? click HERE for your purezento,

Toma Jweb :
translation of vol. 472-
Everyone, thank you very much indeed for everything this year!
And thank you for your hard work!(otsukaresamadeshita)
We will continue working hard over the next year too.
Please share your kindness and regard.(yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
I sincerely pray that everyone can spend a bright and positive year.
2011.12.30 Ikuta Toma 
Enjoy, toma cute dance dozou~

 aww.. I wanna dance with you Toma yeah heheh~!

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Mina Azman said...

mashi unnie, update slalu k? waiting for ur nxt updates..