Monday, January 17, 2011

How to change your blog icon to your favourite?

From this one
to this one
Step 1
Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
click Expand Widget Templates

Step 2
Press CTRL + F to find
Step 3
When you've found it.. copy and paste this code
<link href='url for your cute icon' rel='shortcut icon'/>
if you don't have photobucket or filckr account, you can use your own blog for example..

Done.. :)

 or click HERE and HERE if you want to use my icon xD
 (c) HeeBum and mumumeow


Han.Nee.Saa said...

mashi.. ajar unnie cmne nk tulis mcm mashi tulis 'dozou' kt ats leave ur commnt tuu.. hehee

tq ^^

mashi toma said...

untuk unnie tersayang :)

follow this step:

Dashboard > Setting > Comment > Comment Form Message


Han.Nee.Saa said...

dae.. arasso... komawo mashi aaa.. ^^