Friday, January 21, 2011

Ikuta Toma and Jang Geun Suk has won an award ( > ω < )V

Salam.. Konnichiwa.. anyeong..

Mebi mashi ni agak lambat nak update hahaha..*gelak besar*, 

bagi mereka2 yang dah tau tolong skip yew hee- actually benda ni tak de la lama sangat January pon x abish lagi.. Okie2, mashi sangat gembira bagi pihak Toma and Mr.Jang :) and congratulation to both of you-
actually mashi baru tengok award tuh semalam kat KBS.. so baru tau la hee- Mr.Jang dapat 2 award tau!! first The Netizen Award, Mr.Jang kebanyakkan vote yang dia dapat luar dari KOREA okie heehee.. popular okie Mr.Jang nih.. and second award lak..Best Couple Award Mr.Jang bersama Moon Geun Young dalam cerita 'Mary Stayed out All Night'

Toma pula dapat Best New Artist Award.. NEW ke?? huhuh, okie maklumat lanjut untuk Toma kat SINI
and mashi dapat tau Toma sekali lagi tercalon kat SINI dan SINI
+credit as shown+
hee.. disebabkan terlalu gembira.. toma mengupdate his TNH dengan mesej yang tersangatla panjang..
Toma's Room
1/12 vol. 416
Have been rehearsing every single day.

We have done scene 3 of Sade. That's fast.

There are excellent actors.
So I have to work hard to catch up.

There wouldn't be any loss doing it.

---With an attitude like this.
I just had to reread the lines over and over again.

I watched SMAP's concert DVD at home to cheer myself up.

I'm going to be ONLY ONE

Anyways, back to the topic.

It's still New year, so I have to tell everyone this good news.
Ikuta Toma.

Got the Best new artist award!!

Thank you everyone~.

I'm excited and proud of getting this award.
As an actor who just started filming last year,
this is a perfect start.

Everyone, really, thank you.
I made my way from Johnny's entertainment to here,
people might wonder "Where is Ikuta's place?"
This vague feeling,
maybe it's still this way.

To be recognized by the people who rates films,
getting this thing that I can actually keep,
it feels like…. It's okay even it is a small one,
at least we can stand up straight right?
This kind of feeling.

I said this because
This is a very precious award and it means a lot to me.

So, I'm going to celebrate it today!
Let's eat red bean rice together!
I don't really like it, so I'm not going to eat that!
*haha.. toma so funny*
Have to work hard tomorrow!

Come on, I don't know what is the consequences of saying this,
but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

Acknowledging this, will have the power to grab something huge!
(c)Mizza and Jessica


Han.Nee.Saa said...

arghhhhhhhh.. nak tgk cite mary.. x tgk lg T_______T..
suke moon geung young tuu.. oh mr jang pon unnie suke je.. hehe..

chukha hae for both ^^

ashie023 said...

aishhh lama x baca toma's room..,,dang it!

congrats jang oh jang...hehe..
and of course my BB , toma..kyaa

where is ikuta place??