Friday, August 6, 2010

Mashi- A day at Berjaya Times Square with my friends ♥

Salam.. Annyeong..
How are you today? hope all of you in a good healthy include my ichiban Ikuta Toma and my ni-ban Kim Hyun Joong.. fufufu...recently both of them quite busy for shooting with a new movie or drama.. as you know, Toma will be act as Hikaru Genji in The Tale of Genji as playboy.. and maybe this time...more kowai scene for me as his fans which I've saw it from Ningen Shikakku preview and the new one from Seaside Motel..huhu the bed scene KyaAAahh~ and bout my ni-ban..hm2.. I only knew his next project from my friend Ayuna she told me that "ur oppa in new drama.. do you know what kind of character his take?" and.. "WHAT??ommo ottokajae, what happen to me.. I dont know anything bout him-" for those who doesnt know Kim Hyun Joong new drama is Mischievous Kiss

aww..oppa, u r so cute in school uniform *teary eyes*..if I'm not mistake this drama adapt from a manga I right?coz I saw it at e-pop chinese version.. duh- I dont understand a single word =.=' ah.. cant wait for his new drama!!! hope, will be air on KBS *tee-hee*

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong drama starring 'Naughty Kiss' poster is a public shooting.
Will be broadcast six days MBC 'section, TV Entertainment and Communications' new trees in September to broadcast MBC mini-series' naughty kiss, photography and find a poster of the three heroes Joong - jeongsomin - deponent met with availability.
Drama 'Boys Over Flowers', after the first piece of Joong' naughty kiss a lot of people are drawing attention. Li also aired popular 'will is the life' of the deponent and 'Bad Guy' rookie of the testis, the popular actor of extraordinary acting turns the furnishings are anticipated.
Shown dressed in uniform for a long time to learn each game you're playing three friendly atmosphere and poster shoot was in progress.
Joong character drama about the day in question, "petulant kkachilnamyida! Short, a bitch (the dialect of success) does not have," said "nine month will make the moon is not a bitch," it is wrong to speak of the set made by laughter.
And so the drama (jeongsomin minutes) out of loyalty to the deponent Dandelion St. testis of the people to honor a woman asked him, what's the appeal, "the eyes are always cast seems to be pretty," he said. Another of his fellow actors have heard remarks led to a bomb. "Lee Tae Sung Min testis with your nundudeong resemblance, but, geukjungeseo Mean testicular swelling and the next, two-year-old should not worry about the nundudeongyi said" he had uncovered poksoke people.
August 6 broadcast 21:55.

credit: Baeseonyoung  
for more information:
+Itazura na Kiss [Original version]
+watch it online, click HERE *mianhae, cz there's lot of personal comment from the subbed*
haha.. nampak nye mashi da lari tajuk..ok2 back to main topic..A day at Berjaya Times Square with my tomodachi hehehe.. aww.. It was awesome!!hehehe.. lama tak jumpa kawan2 berjalan tak hengat dunia..otsukaresama to my friends I'll miss that time hahhaa.. tah bila nak jumpa lagi kan?

huhuhu..semalam kuar ngan u ol with not enough money..tu sebab tengok kowg beli barang kt kedai My Star Collection...mashi just owh.. wow.. hu.. mahal.. and barang2 toma xde ker? hahaha.. *cz mashi hanya akan cair bila kt situ ada...anything bout Toma* pe2 pon sangat best sebap kita dpt masuk kedai2 yg xpenah masuk before this even wawa yang kerja kat situ *haha yeke xpnh masuk*
okay kawan2 mashi malas nak cerita panjang2 *pergh- da mlalut kat atas tiba2 kata malas* hehe
+this is my tomodachi, huu bru nak wat candid si wawa da senyum2 hehe+

+ini antara yang kami makan hehehe+
+dalam xde duit, ley plak beli kasut ni..anyway kasut ni untuk p class okay..cantik x?+
Arigatou gozaimasu to mai tomodachi *tears* for this present, I really appreciate it huhu..sgt2 kawaii..and hontouni arigatou ayuna for double present.. *hugs n chuu- ur cheek hehehe*
p/s: mashi nak sangat Photobook Hanamizuki for those want Hanamiz PB u can go here
*thanx to kate-chan for the link* harga nya bila sampai kat Malaysia mayB RM70 atau lebih huhuhu..


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