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Crying while watching I am Sam

Konichiwa minna-san,
Genki desuka?

Today I wanna share with all of you bout this Movie 'I AM SAM'
hahaha.. pe yang special sgt this movie? you know what, Ikuta Toma also watch this movie okay? huhuhu.. he cried while watching that movie[for more detail:click here] fufufu jz like me.. hehehe.. yup Toma is a very sensitive person,

+credit pic. as mention *A scene involving Sam, Lucy and his friends crossing a street holding balloons is a visual reference to the iconic image of The Beatles on the cover of the album*+
Last nite, I just  watch that movie with my ototto *lol*
I am Sam is a heartbreaking and complex issue film set in America, with Sean Penn as Sam Dawson with the mind of 7 year old who. After experiencing the birth of his daughter with a homeless woman, Sam has to raise the child by himself after the baby’s mother disappears. Sam works as a dining room janitor at a local Starbucks and always brings his daughter to the workplace.
 This film provides convincing statement that the love is the most important thing in raising a child, and Sam proves that mentally disabled individuals are also able to give love. People think that it is easy for an actor to perform in the role of a mentally disabled individual, in my opinion an actor shows his or her true ability when he or she is asked to perform out of the ordinary. Although Sam has a strange routine that cannot be disturbed, for example Wednesday is video night, Thursday is dinner at IHOP and Friday is karaoke night, he spends much time with his daughter Lucy. Dakota Fanning plays his daughter and with Sean Penn appears compatible with their respective roles. To fight the social service worker who wants to takes Lucy away, Sam’s friends recommend that he hire Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer) a high-powered and selfish lawyer. All in all, I would recommend this amazing film to everyone. This story includes unique characters, for example Brad, Sam’s friend. The director Jessie Nelson has done his best for this film, while Kristine Johnson, does to a cheap sentiment at time but it enough to make someone cry. Overall, I give it with a high rating 4 out of 5. 
+I am Sam [wiki]

p/s:sepanjang movie nih.. kawan2 Sam kerap sangat cerita pasal video Kramer vs Kramer.. bila kerap sangat die sebut pasal video nih..mashi teringat kat dorama yg Toma berlakon VOICE episode 2.. case yang mana si suami mati tiba2 dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah.. mashi teringat pon sebabn pasangan suami isteri ni suka tengok kramer vs kramer hehehe*owh2 cerita ni [kramer vs kramer]pon cdey jgak cz laki tuh xpandai nak luahkan perasaan kat pasangan dia melalui kata2*..

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