Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Fun Facts

  • He will wear a hat when going to school. The reason is because he usually has to dash his way out to school as he has over slept, and Toma is still taking trains to his workplace from his home in [[Kanagawa]] prefecture.
  • He likes to wear jeans a lot. He feels that jeans are a sporting fashion. He wears jeans when the weather is hot and even when it is winter. That is why many times, the question "Aren't you cold?" is always directed to him.
  • Toma is a very sensitive person, and he cried during a movie "I am Sam".
  • Toma is known to be a big eater just like his best friend, [[Yamashita Tomohisa]].
  • Toma named his dog "JAM" after an ichigo jam (strawberry jam) and sometimes sleeps with him.
  • He once had the same mobile with YamaPi.
  • He loves to read mangas like "One Piece".
  • He shoplifted when he was very young.
  • He rants a lot that Atsu-ani would just ignore him.
  • Takki used to bully him a lot but he would just laugh at himself and smile.
  • He is fond of kids.
  • His soap smells like Aloe Vera. [Me-Shokubutsu]
  • His cologne/perfume is of floral scent "GUCCI".[Me-Musk Blossom&Haiku]
  • He is the "LIMBO KING".
  • He is not good in doing backflips.
  • He stares blankly into space as one of his means of relaxation.
  • He had changed his haircolor from blonde to black because of the bad comments he received from Ryo. Ryo even kept on apologizing upon hearing this.
  • He admitted that he once dreamt of Kanou Sisters and their big boobs.
  • YamaPi used to call him "Kawaii Mama" because he's like a mama to him.
  • Ryo: "I like you!" Toma: "Gomen,but I already care for somebody else."
  • "Smile is like Toma's trumpcard!" -Hasejun
  • His colleagues say that he uses "yasashii" (kind/sweet) words most of the time.
  • His best asset, according to him, is his ass and even showed them off to Hina and Yoko.
  • He talks fast.
  • He has a lovely chuckle.
  • "I've never been disappointed in Toma!" -Matsujun
  • People find him a groom-freak. He even had his body hair removed. (That includes the armpit.)
  • His dream vacation is to visit Australia.
  • He was more popular than Pi during High School that girls would stalk him outside their school gates.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • He is frank yet is sincere to what he says.
  • He loves to take photographs of himself and of the things around him.
  • He has a variety of Converse Chuck Taylor rubber shoes. (Seen in scans so far: green, blue, gray and black, a black with orange, and maybe more)
  • His ideal dream date is to drive at night to a hill top with his girlfriend and watch a city view from there. He did that once with Yamapi, but it felt awkward because all of the people who were there were couples, so they pointed an infrared laser pointer to some couples and disturbed their dates.
(credits to kittyjam)

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