Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ikuta Toma-Genji Monogatari

minna-san genki desuka? fufufu..

hebat-hebat.. *pe yg hebat?* Ikuta Toma in a new movie soon..*wide smile* wow sugoi Toma-chan lepas 1 tawaran dapat lagi new job yer..mangsa nye? people like me *uwaaa* dah la 3 movie tahun ni pon mashi xpat tgok *tears* movie ni dijangka siap next year..yup2 tahun 2011 okeyh..hehehe
for more info bout his new Movie at mizza's blog *nmpk sgt mashi mls nk update* 
and here link for The Tale of Genji

pic.credit to mizza
 +Hikaru Genji *hehehe* cdt:ichen+
Mysterious and splendid! Dynasty scroll unprecedented peace. Beyond the millennium, beautiful, sad, story of the birth of a new source of light falling on fighting live Here! The stage is dark times is crawling with gorgeous splendid light and evil spirits of rivers and mountains. Mido Kanpaku, glory days of public Michinaga Fujiwara. Nevertheless, Kyoto and lively that it is superficial. Even if the night was a world of monsters and demons and say scandalous. Michinaga tell a fascinating story that Murasaki Shikibu. Women's mesmerizing to light with the radiant beauty and talent. Beautiful women decorate the scroll Heian period, the source of light love, because sad fate awaited love. Jealousy and hatred than love to distort time and space, is chasing a ghost Onmyoji Abe no Seimei, Shikibu, tract length, the mixture goes in Genji dream a reality.
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p/s:haha..salah satu entry yg sgt2 mbosankn..*teettt* ja matta ne- ;p

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