Thursday, May 6, 2010

SS501- become SS401??

+The DSP entertainment boy band is feeling this may be an unlucky “Time of Destiny“.
After Kim Hyun-Joong‘s secret meetings with acting legend Bae Yong-Joon, the boys do not know if they have a future!

+It was revealed on May 4th, that SS501‘s five year contract with DSP Entertainment expires June 8th. With the upcoming Double S album delayed and Hyun-Joong‘s secretly meeting with the top star, fans can only hope to see their “Rebirth” boys again.

+There has also been news that the former flower boy is planning to go solo.
What is happening! Does he not remember it is 5 members united as one forever!
A DSP representative reassured fans that SS501 will stay 501!

+He stated that the album is guaranteed to release in May.They needed more time to look over the upcoming schedule and we are sorry that only pictures are available to fans at this time.

++This is great news because fans will “Never Let You Go“.

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