Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bokura ga ita (BTS) + Yamapi's Nikki bout Toma xD

For those who still didn't know that our toma will be on new dorama..

Then, I'll tell you now hehe.. Toma will be play as Yano Motoharu in Bokura ga ita ^^

school boy.. maybe, this is the last time Toma wear school uniform.. ah~ I'll miss him as a school boy fufufu..

(c)mintstar + catinsep

hey hey hey... I just notice this entry from my lovely kouhai mizza thank you, for sharing this hehe..


Today, the question is from Ikuta Toma of Hokkaido.

「Hey. I'm now having a questioning corner too! Will you answer my question properly? And, will you definitely read this mail? You will? Then, I'm gonna to ask, which is your favorite color for underwear? Just as manly as Yamapi kun.」 

This guy is looking for trouble here. (Laugh)
Frankly speaking whatever colors is fine with me for underwear.
Hmm. But if Ikuta Toma were to wear yellow briefs, that will be awful (Laugh).
Please pardon Yamashita for saying this.
I'm wearing black briefs now (Laugh). That's not true, I'm wearing boxers.
Whatever underwear I wear doesn't matter (Laugh).



ashie023 said...

aigooo cute ah TomaPi..ahaha
lama x jenguk2 pasal Toma..T_T

ssrollingstar said...

obata yuki my favret..igt la dulu pnah jatuh cnte kat watak dlm komik biru n destini violet..hehe

n komik nie pun rseyer pnah bce gak tp x abis sbb ongoing time 2..hehe

mashi_toma said...

@ashie.. ehe, rajin2 la mlawat dowg nih.. cian dowg.. rindu kn unnie xD

@nana.. obata yuki?? pe tuh xD author ke? hehe..
rjin nye bca komik eh :D