Friday, May 27, 2011

Toma VS Ryuusei ??!

Do you still remember my previous entry bout them.. eh.. no.. their picture? click HERE and do re-call by ur self.. haha and if you wanna know more bout them, you can also read bout them HERE and... forgot the other one..but I'll find it for you xD if I can..HERE [updated 2:06]
but will he be popular like his brother?
before this, I keep mention bout him on my blog.. and I wonder if I'll be Ryuusei's girlfriend.. kYaAh.. hazukashii.. because we are same age lol.. is that make a sense?? he born on 13th June*thanks kouhai for telling me his birthday xD* .. me? 3rd July..hehe..was it close..?? =.=' he look matured.. but me.. childish..
okie2.. enough mashi.. please stop ur day dreaming.. wahaha..

so what do you think?

(c)rae-chan and mizza-chan


ジュリャ said...


I think Toma is much more "ikemen" looking than his ototo..

( ^ w ^ ")/

About their talents, if to compare, I dont know lor.

Till now, I only watch Toma's drama.


What his brother do?


Or singing?

mashi_toma said...

eh?? really.. but some said.. ryuusei looks more japanese while toma looks more western..haha..

haha.. me too.. hope he'll be good announcer on ah- forgot which station.. haha..

I guess he will do on modeling after this haha