Thursday, May 26, 2011

Japanese books arrived!!

yeay!! as u know now I'm working as a clerk for TARC library.. and I did mention to all of you that I love Japanese culture.. language.. food.. today,
I received lot of Japanese book to key in on automated system hehe...
such as Budget Travel to Japan!! Teach yourself Japanese!! Package design from Japan!! and many more..
 I love this book so much.. easy to understand especially for the beginner... hehe.. like me.. xD

uwah!! I'm too excited.. hahaha.. okie.. okie.. there's no entertainment books... especially bout toma or Johnny's boys.. haha..
What Inside this expensive book??

Glico design by Wada Toru, Hosoi Tsutomu and Oshiro Hisoyuki *kawaii*
and Shopping bags design by Hariguchi Kazunari.. *I love usagi!! kawaii ne~*
Final Fantasy design by Suzuki Masato..
ah~ I dont know why did I mention those designer name hahahaha..

to hazzour-kun, thanks for Unubore Deka DVD.. thank you so much.. and I really sorry because you've to bring them.. everytime with you till the day I take it from you..thanks for being patient with me haha.. hontouni gomennasai.. m(_ _)m


ジュリャ said...

So, that the book that you read ne?

You can took this chance to learn Nihongo also while working ne..

Because you have many resources to refer..


mashi_toma said...

hait!! but, I cant hold the book for a long time.. hahaha..

cz I'm not allowed to do that.. but its okay if, that book not urgent for student.. so that's mean I can read that book maybe for 2 weeks.. lol

sometime, I got lot of fiction books which is gift from various bookstore..