Friday, March 11, 2011

☆When GIRLs meet☆

Minna!! gomen, I know its my fault.. I'm late posting this entry heheh.. quite busy nowadays with wedding ceremony for my friends..phew..It's been awhile since our last meeting at KLCC with my lovely friends Wawa, Jien and Atin.. I'm enjoy playing around them.. They let me be myself.. hahaha.. when I'm with others..I have to self behave and be polite around them..
 opsss.. gomen-na
Fahrenheit 88
an amateur model at red carpet hehehe..
I love to take a picture, and she always be my model haha.. Otsukaerisimasu wawa-chan. Nowadays, I love to take a lot of picture.. any kind of picture, which is unique or beautiful or for my memory..
Hello Planet
 This 3 cute shop in Fahrenheit 88, sold lot of kawaii thing and some product from Japan ^_^
 Pavilion, we are here!! Finally I got a chance with them to playing around in here... hehehe.. I've been here 3 times, with my family and BC friends.. and, I guess this time better than with the others haha.. ENJOY!! -even, I dont have enough money to buy anything.. by looking my friend its enough to relieve me-

Thanks wawa-chan, Jien-chan.. cz both of you always be by my side!! I love you so much- tsk tsk.. to Jien-chan it doesn't matter if 3 of us post the same entry bout this.. This is the only way for us to express our happy moment!! wahaha..if you,*my followers* wanna see Wawa-chan entry click HERE

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