Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally!! we met again-

Konbanwa minna-san? Genki desu ka? =.='
gomen-na, sure you've wait my new entry aite? lol.. NO?! eh really? fufufufu.. never mind.. but I've something to share with you ne- especially to my lovely friends.. who always with me, I love you all.. cz we've been together since 3 years ago... we have shared lot of memories *tears* I'll never forget all of you.. PROMISE..
kYaaaAh.. this is my tomodachi..*wa, gomen2.. bout batu tuh lol.. xsgaja ;p *
em...yup.. for the first time ever.. venue for us.. KLCC.. ngee- although, there's an expensive thing.. but.. we have to.. because... of MR.KINO lol.. he want me to come quite often.. and he asked me to bring my friends.. *kidding* muehehe.. anyway.. thanks to MR.KINO you've gve me anything bout toma.. I mean.. his PB.. magz which is Toma as cover.. ngee-
then, yesterday.. I found this.. yup Unubore Deka Photobook!! what?! but as usual.. I dont have enough money to buy that PB.. *uwwaaa*
yes, snap or take a picture... it's relieve for me heheh..
woot- mashi found this!! yeay.. finally.. but... bad news.. I cant eat it... em... doushite?! *hahah emo lak*
 I try to find.. yup.. if there's ACUO chewing gum ahaks..lol.. but...still, I cant find it...wuwuwuwu...

saja amik cz nama dia comel *yoroshii*

this pencil I got from teacher Mary.. arigato gozaimasu..

eh of course there's reason why she gave me that pencil lol.. it's because.. I've participate in scanning Quiz hehe... with my partner Ali.. yup.. I'm the best scanner in my class.. nyahahah..*berlagak la plak*
last but not least.. I wanna show you my cute dance

nyway..thanks to wawa..ayuna..and atin cz dpt gak kuar pas brp kali delay kan.. fufufu


Anonymous said...

senpai rse cm de donlod la pb unudeka tu..tp amek yg part toma je..rse cm amek kt blog mizza..hmm..

senpai paling ske toma menari..sgt sexy la..doki..doki..doki.. >/////<


mashi toma said...

yeke.. ;p mashi pon de pasan gk kt her blog cme x amik la wuwuwuw.. penoh da my lappy ngn his pic >////<

senpai..thu xpe.. that's why ltak nih ;p even xde kaitan lol... nk jgak ltak die mnari.. soo sexy aww.. ;p

Anonymous said...

tau xpe..da bole wat photobook bersiri da..kn..kn.. ;p

hai! lmbt plak tfs sub unudeka..senpai da rindu nk tgk sadame ni..hahahah.. ;p


mashi toma said...

yup2.. btoi tuh hahaha..

senpai xtry tgok kt link yg mashi bg kt chatbox ker..hehe..

Anonymous said...

uwahhhh! arigatou gozaimas mashi!

mashi_toma said...

ur welcome hehe...