Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mashi- Invitation card!!

Konbachiwa minna-san!!

Genki desu-ka?
fufufu,,, I'm very2x happy today.. 1st its your birthday toma and... yeay!! finally.. after a long time ne- I've got an invitation card from my college.. I'm bit scared if I can't convo ne- poor on me huhu.. cz I've spend all my life study *ye la tu* and dont have much time to holiday ne- *kat Malaysia da la*
err..okay2.. I'll show you, that card ne- hehe..


p/s: cant wait for this moment ne- I wish toma would attend on that day.. hahahaha..
"Hai!! I will.. I will ne-"
"aww.. arigato gozaimasu my dear"*blush*

------------------- out of topic-----------------
thanks Sarti for this cream.. fufufu..
yup.. I've problem with my skin fufufu.. I've try lot of skincare but still.. my face.. maybe I should move to new place.. hehe.. like Japan or Korea lol...
Sarti is my friend from British Council.. er..for more information bout BC you can watch and read it at my journal HERE she's from Indonesia.. and she always cared bout me ne *blush* thank you.. thank you...
 my mini dora!! he's back after 3 week he left me lol
he come with new color ne.. hehe..but he's still kakkoi.. kawaii auww.. luv u dear hehe.. miss you so much...


Anonymous said...

nk graduasi la dia..heheh..
kongratulasi eh mashi!nt amek gambo bebanyak..pastu le frame kt dinding..heheh.. ^__^

mashi toma said...

hak3.. yup...bru dpt invitation ni.. huk3..
thu xpe..mmg nk pon.. nk amik yg besaq pnye ;p

Anonymous said...

hahah..amek jgn x amek..le wat kenangan tuh..tanda kte da berusaha kuat utk dpt yg terbaek!

ジュリャ ♥* said...


Going to convo already?

ii na~! ( ^ w ^ )/

By the way, what course do you take ne?

mashi toma said...

amal senpai: yup btui2 ;p your japanese name ;p
julya: yup.. finally after more than 3 years =.=' i'm daisenpai in my college ne lol..

erm.. I'm taking dip in business management..
what bout you?

ジュリャ ♥* said...


u mean, somethg wrong with my japanese name desu ka?

( ^ w ^ ")/

So u are a business management student ne?

I am a hotel management student. :p

Not so proud of it actually..

Huu hu~

mashi toma said...

ジュリャ ♥*

oh?ne2..still with the same meaning aite but different pronunciation julya and jurya ^^

em..yup, hehe.. tough course ne- =.='

eh..hotel management...why not so proud..
I guess, it will be more interesting..