Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Happy Birthday "Otanjoubi Omedettou" [26 years old]

Happy Birthday!!

じょうび おめでとう
Blow it Toma.. *make a wish*

I hope you'll get a lot of present from ur fans, family and friend *tee-hee*

Kawaii aite? but this cake not mine lol.. cdt to owner and I just found this from aiza's blog
I've make this fanvid for you *blush* gomen-ne.. coz I'm not creative lol.. but try my best to make this since 5 months ago.. ngee- *I've make chronology for this.. since first time I know you*
dozou~ [on the way]

update: 1:04am 

Your smile so BRIGHT since a child ^^

Kakkoi+Atsui+Sekushi *nosebleed*
she's sent birthday card for Ikuta Toma ^^
I just wanna share my oneesan blog *cough2* kate-chan.. she's posted Toma (early) birthday on her blog ne-


Shee said...

You know I love you as much as you love me... thanks for taking care of my BB while I'm away.. which I believe is most of the time.... you sure are the best! best! best!!!!!!

Much Love,
Your bestfriend's wife, Shee-chan! <333

mashi toma said...

aww.. Shee-chan I think ur BB will proud of u ne- cz you love his Best Friend ^^ I hope both of a best friend too- hehe..


I'm happy on your birthday Toma..
you know what, I've got an invitation card for my convocation next month!!!
I hope.. you will be there... lol-

Shee said...

sure you can~ :) nothing is impossible.... i'm sure yamapi and toma pun will be happpyy too.. :))

oh really? convocation? omedettou!!

mashi toma said...

yup2.. *hugs* miss him ne- T.T haha..

em..yup.. hee.. next month.. thank you2 shee-

Anonymous said...

yuhuuu mashi..
nice mv n song..gud job bebeh!^^
neway,sape yg nyanyi lgu tu eh??heheh..

mashi toma said...

owh..hye senpai..hehe..
thnks ;p act xde la creative sgt.. basic2 je..
em..this song..Happy Birthday-NEWS ^^
bestkn.. hehe

Anonymous said...

ur most welcome..
ala..creative la tu..kl x creative x jd nye mv cmtu..
mcm senpai la..langsung xde wat pape utk bday toma..jz spent time tgk dorama dia je..huhuhu..
a'ah lgu ni..nt nk donlod la..thanks eh! ♥

mashi toma said...

ehe.. sankyu.. mashi wat ni cz de pglmn wt utk hyunnie leader ritu.. so.. cm bley la ;p cme x meriah sgt ;p
em... sila dload.. NEWS mmg best lgu2 die kn ;p luv jgk hehe

Anonymous said...

I wonder where did you get the funny pose of Toma from? It's the last scene in this video, i think it's from some part for promoting VOICE but I cannot find it :((((
Please kindly tell me how do I get that vid, I really want it~ Toma is sooo adorable there xD

mashi toma said...

@ anonymous:promoting voice? er..which 1.. is it, toma with his friend or only him?
lot of VOICE pic. I get from and some of them from my collection-