Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mashi- Top Fans in FB + ♥ life with KAT-TUN + NEWS kareshi

+hehe..pomot2, bosan nye pasal so wat la mende ni+

What is your KAT-TUN love life?
Favourite colour 
Your first love is Jin
You get asked out by Jin
You're engaged to Taguchi
You marry Taguchi
You run away with Taguchi
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+haha skandal la plak ;p +

Your NEWS boyfriend
Full Name 
Your NEWS boyfriend is: Tegoshi
He confessed to you when: you were both stuck in the elevator
He confessed to you by: saying "aishiteru" in a cute manner
He calls you: by your name
He fell in love with you because: you compliment each other
You will be married: after 2 years
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