Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Reasons You're Johny's Otaku

1. Buying two copies of the same CD/DVD; one for use and the other for display.
2. Waiting for the arrival of a Johnny wherever he is scheduled to appear, and wait again to catch a glimpse of him leave.
3. If you can get concert tickets, no distance is too far to travel.
4. Owning both the first press and limited edition of the same CD/DVD.
5. Going to see the same concert/stage play again and again.
6. Know all the Johnny's terminology. (Do you know what オート auto means? 顔見 ganmi? 掴む tsukamu?)
7. Johnny's posters are plastered all over your room.
8. Johnny's calendars are must buys.
9. You are a Johnny's Fan Club member.
10. Whenever a Johnny is in a drama, you will record the episodes without fail and watch them over and over again.
11. Having a johnny's scrap book
12. Buying all the products that they advertise for
13. Having been to the coming of age ceremony of a Johnny you support
14. Having a fan blog
15. Even if they appear only a little bit, watching the tv shows they appear in
16. Buying all the issues of idol magazines like Myojo, Potato, Wink Up
17. Only singing songs that have to do with Johnny's when going to karaoke
18. Having been to a concert by yourself
19. Knowing the dance perfectly for at least one song
20. Owning at least one item that is very limited (eg. could only be bought/obtain at a certain place for a certain period of time)

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