Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Wink Up [March 2010+Translation]

Toma talk about Pi *hahah Tomapi again !!*

By the way, maybe there are many people who wants to be a cast of an injured victims in the "Code Blue" (laughs).
It seems, I have some nonsense fantasy in my head. I suffered severe injuries and Yamashita Tomohisa carry my body to the inside of doctor helicopter. Then, when the atmosphere is as if I'm not going to be saved, then I would say "you are a doctor, save me! ", And grabbed Yamashita's clothes. Fantasy in my head, stop there alone (laughs)

Toma talk about Kanjani8

I quite often go to foreign countries, if it was for work. I ever went to Australia to shoot a show together with Yoko (Yokoyama Yuu) and Hina (Murakami Shingo), but what I remember the most was when I went with (Shibuya) Subaru to Thailand.
The show's plan was "Going to the mountain Hebi and catch a big snake". We look really scared either when the camera was on or off.

I stayed in the same room with Subaru and I wanna take a shower, when I opened the door, I see there are two giant frog who was sitting in front of me (laughs). Big noise happening! Because we are so scared, we showered together and before going bed we put an earphones to each our ear and listen to the song Blue Hartz.
Because it was difficult, so we still remember it until now, and become a pleasant journey.


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