Monday, May 3, 2010

SS501- New Album Photo [5.01]days

+uwa- leader nampak K.A.C.A.K haha.. MYSTERIOUS
+ I like the new image, but plz remove the MASK! *lol*
+ ufufu.. who caught otter nih? gah- some1 plz let him go, poor otter ;p
+ What's wrong with the glove *eh*
+Sexy Charisma/Mal++Baby/Jun+

It's now officially 5.01 Day! *not today* And although we know that their comeback is not today, at least we get to see some photos from the album. Baby said in Music High before that the album will have a sexy image, right? Looking at these photos, I can see it's full of mystery. Leader with the whip. Saengie with the handcuffs. Kyunnie with the lacy gloves (of a lady?!) holding him. Mal with the sleek black hat. Baby with the broken red rose. What do you think is the theme? What do the masks signify? We can only guess. It may mean seduction, passion, sexiness, bondage, rebellion? Talk about kinky and sexy! This is really gonna catch everyone's attention. I'm excited to see the track listing and to hear the songs!
+ I've their new song- guess so [Crazy For You] =.='

cdt:Triple S Phillipine

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