Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Q & A about ♥♥♥♥

1. With a face like this, have you ever confessed to any girls that you love her?

Of course I have! When I was at grade 6, I even said it to a girl I never talked to before. At the time I just thought, “What the hell!!! Just say the word!!! " Anyways, I didn't ask her if she had a boyfriend.....

2. Have you ever asked anyone for advice about love?

♥ Not really, I just like to tell my friends whom I’m having a crush on. Once I told it to my friend who had a big mouth then the next day everybody knew about it! Oh! I wanted to bury my face and cry

3. When you're with your crush, do you always try to please her?

I just act normally. That might make her think i don't have a feeling for her but I’m a kind of a person who doesn't express feeling much so my relationship rarely goes to the next level.

4. Where is the perfect place for your date?

♥ I went to Disney Sea once. I want to try somewhere else too. If it's a really special occasion, riding in a car to a hill top enjoying views at night sounds very nice. I did it once with Yamapi. At the time people surrounded us were all couples and it made us feel quite awkward so I brought out my laser pointer and pointed it to nearby couples to make us feel more at ease....however, that made us feel even worse and couples there were quite embarrassed too. Sorry you all....

5.I'm dying to ask this question - what is your type of girls?

I like a girl who when I’m with her I can be myself. Most of guys when they're with their girls, they try to make an impression. Unlike me, I won't try to be somebody else. Just being happy to be with my girl is enough for me.

6. If your crush did something that you don't like, will you lose interest in her?

♥ I think girls should be careful of what they say. If girls say something like “damn" I might feel a little shocked. I also don't like a person who acts like a kind and sweet person in front of me but does the opposite way with parents. And also girls who call themselves “GALs" ... I still quite don't understand this word. If my girlfriend is like these GALs, I'll take her to a public bathroom and wash her up!!!

7. If you have a girlfriend, will you introduce her to your parents?

Hmmm not for now... but my parents want to know where or with whom I'm going out and I'll tell them anyway. Even if I don't tell them, they're going to figure it out. I'm easy to read.

8. Anything about you that you don't want to share it with your girlfriend?

I don't want her to see me taking a bath, not that I do something weird in there. It's just too embarrassing. It is said that most husbands and wives like to take a bath together. I won't do that for sure. I also don't want her to see me sleeping. I think having a little privacy is better than letting everyone know about my life.

9. What's in you that you think it makes girls attract to you?

My eating habit, I guess. Sometimes I am complaint about eating too much. Oh yes! Tsubasa just said that to me. He said "You ate Chanja alone! No sharing to anyone!" May I make an excuse? That day I asked if anyone wanted to eat it, no one answered except Jin so I thought the rest didn't want to. It turned out that they accused me for eating too much!!! Imagine this, white rice with Chanja! Super Yummy! Who haven't tried this yet, try it!

10. If you have a girlfriend, will you do anything she wants you to do?

I myself wonder that I might be a heartless person, I don't wanna be a cold person or something but sometime I say things without thinking , for example, " That's ENOUGH !!! or I want to say " You look weird " when I look at her photo ....or say " How can you did something like that !!! TOO BAD!!! ", but I'm not gonna do all that I've just said.

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