Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong- Study Abroad?

On the 1st, Kim HyunJoong of SS501 has made an announcement on his official website.

"....................................... 2010-04-01 PM 12:32:08
On Wednesday... I'm going to study abroad in Spain.
There are many things going in my head, and I'll be back after I get organized with my thoughts.
501 has to release an album, but we didn't record a single song and no songs have been confirmed.. It's a situation where it is making my head dizzy.
The album to be released on May 1st... It may be a promise that cannot be fulfilled.. I'm sorry..
Don't be too shocked at my choice, and trust in my choices and support me like you always did. I really mean it. I don't regret my choices.. So trust in me.
My last post on the official site.....
Sincerely, HyunJoong"

Did anyone get scared while reading this? However, if you notice the date.... Yes, it was HyunJoong's own little April Fool's joke to his fans. So no worries, Hyunjoong will not be going anywhere.

Most of the fans who read this message knew that it was a joke, but a few fell for his trick. Fans left comments like "I got scared", "It was a joke, but I was so startled", and "I hope he doesn't do these kinds of tricks on us again".

Did you fall for his trick? I certainly almost did if I did not see the date first. [I'm shocked too] ;p

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