Tuesday, April 27, 2010


THE JE MEME! :D (By theproudpenguin)
The favorites (only one answer for each question)::
Who's your favorite idol in the Johnny's Entertainment?Ikuta Toma♥♥
Your favorite group?KAT-TUN
Your favorite dorama with JE idols in it?Hanazakari no Kimitachi'e
Your favorite pairing (or trio)? (i.e. akame, tegomass, ryopi, etc)TomaPi
Your favorite show in which a JE band is the host?Cartoon KAT-TUN
Your favorite song? (tough one, I know)Best Friend
Your favorite DVD? (i.e. Kat-Tun's Real Face Tour, NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story, Kanjani8's Spirits, etc.)Honey and Clover *is it ok?*
Other (only one answer;you can explain your answer) ::
The JE idol you want to meet the most?Ikuta Toma♥♥
Who's the sexiest?Ikuta Toma♥♥
Who's the cutest?Ikuta Toma♥♥
The one you know you will have a good conversation with? (or the one you seem to have the most in common)Ikuta Toma♥♥
The one that is making you laugh the most?Ikuta Toma♥♥
The one you want to see crying?none!
The one you won't go "akjosngodg.sgtj^c" if you ever see him on the street?Ryo-chan
The one you will do anything just to shake his hand or take a picture with?Ikuta Toma
The group you have the more pictures on your computer?KAT-TUN
Your best memory of a Shounen Club episode? (i.e. Shige stripping, NewS abake, Romantic skit w/ Kat-Tun and Kanjani8, etc.)Ikuta Toma♥♥
You really want to be __s' sister.Toma♥♥
The group that have the best member ai?KAT-TUN
The band who's closer to their fans?ARASHI
Which JE idol have the greatest clothing taste?NEWS
Your reactions?
If you were in a restaurant, and Shige and Koyama show up, your first reaction is __eh?!
Your first travel to Japan and you're all excited! As you look at the other side of the street, you see Yamapi and Jin looking cool and anonymous. Your first reaction is__ommo- why Jin! I want Toma.. eh, P-chan ;p
You've read on Internet that your favorite group may come to your country for a photoshoot soon. You__Uwa- excited+faints
There is it! The pairing you've been shipping for like forever has finally come out, and it's all over the Internet! Your first reaction is ___hait! *wide smiles*
You're still in Japan and you're walking on the street, just having fun by yourself. Then you bump into someone and fall on the ground. As you look up, you see that it's the one and only Kamenashi. Your first reaction__ouch!! neh- I thought Toma, Hi Kame- ;p * I want Toma*
Your trip is over, and you have to come back to your country. As you're heading to your seat on the plane, you see Kamenashi and Yamapi sitting right next to your seat. Your first reaction_KyaAh- is it true.. both atsui ikemen next to me?*wish kame was Toma*
TOP 5! (1 being your favorite, 5 your least favorite)
Top 5 Groups!
4:Kinki Kids
Top 5 Idols!
1:Ikuta Toma♥♥
2:Junnosuke Taguchi
3:Nakamaru Shuichi
4:Satoshi Ohno
5:Kamenashi Kazuya
Top 5 Songs!Best Friend
1:Yokobou no Rain
3:Aitai Yo


+ufufufu =.=' lot of Toma's name lol.. I'm crazy with him-


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