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Ikuta Toma- New Drama

Kimyou na Monogatari 2009 Fall SP -The Law of Recycling Suicides- as R 8427
+em, Mashi not sure if this dorama baru or not *sweat* huhu
+based on Toma's fans-their forum-toma's Jweb katanya die ade new job. ufufu+pe2 pon cant wait for his next.. ^^
hu- quite jealous for those yg dpt g tgok NS premier show
++ jealous for those yg dpt tgok show SuJu last month
++ jealous for those yg nak g U-Kiss Fans Meeting
++jealous 10000x for those yg dapat beli magz-stuff *bunch k* huhu

p/s: byk na- jealous ;p

+++Update:actually this dorama..not his new..this is around 2009 *hontouni gomen-nasai*
Toma new dorama "Kyuukei no Kouya."
The next Seicho Matsumoto novel to get a television drama treatment is "Kyuukei no Kouya." Fuji TV is turning it into a two-part drama, starring Masakazu Tamura (66). Yosuke Eguchi (42) and Toma Ikuta (25) have also been cast.

In "Kyuukei no Kouya," Tamura plays the fictional Kenichiro Nogami, a former top-class diplomatic secretary. In 1945, near the end of World War II, he is announced to have died in Switzerland, but he is secretly working in the shadows to try to save Japan from destruction. He carries out his mission alone, leaving behind both his family and his home.

Eguchi plays a police inspector and former soldier who is on Nogami's trail due to a murder case. Ikuta plays another police detective, who is drawn to Kenichiro's daughter (Manami Higa). Fumiyo Kohinata, Masato Hagiwara, and Masao Kusakari round out the supporting cast.

First published in 1962, "Kyuukei no Kouya" was turned into a movie in 1975, as well as multiple drama adaptations over the years.

The two episodes of the new drama will air on consecutive nights this fall.

Source: Tokyograph

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