Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Lazy Busy Lazy~

Konnichiwa minna-san!! How are you? wah..

I havent update my blog almost for 2 month? eek?
wahaha.. am I busy or lazy ~_~

honestly, I'm a bit busy with my new working life...
too much thing I need to learn...
 (c) TARC official web

ah- forgot to say this..
"thanks for my neighbour Cik Lela, because of you I got this job" 
now I'm working at Tunku Abdul Rahman College Library as clerk..
Thank you.. thank you.. ok I'm lazy to update my blog.. cz my internet too slow.. haih..


ジュリャ said...


Hisashiburi na?

Congrats on getting the new job !

I understand u, when we start working we can't blog much ne?

mashi toma said...


thank you julya-chan!!
hait.. 8.30am-5.30pm at work..
10pm.. sleep.. er..

only 5 hours with
my family at night haha..

but... u're different.. haha..
I saw ur blog keep updating ne- =.='

ジュリャ said...


Quite early u start work ne?

Me start work at 9am till 6pm.

But I go out from my house at 730am~~!!

( T ___ T )

Sometime, had to stayback some more.

U go to work by what?

Driving ka?

Fu fu.

Who said I update blog regularly?

Nowadays, can only manage to blog on weekend/off day. :p

On weekdays, I need to "forced" myself to post something, despite being tired and sleeepy.

( ^ w ^ ")/

Btw, good luck for your work. :)

mashi_toma said...

hait.. n next month, I'll be permanent staff... n working hours may be vary.. =.='
cz they've afternoon shift n I have to work on weekend too ~_~

yup.. I'm driving.. its only 15min from my house xD

how bout u? public trans..or driving ^^

hey.. you too!! ganbatte~

ジュリャ said...

Fu fu..

Ii naa, you're driving~~

I take public transport.

( - _ - ")/

So you work at library ne?

Can read book lor?

What a nice job. :)

mashi_toma said...

eh.. do u have driving license?

hait!! I'll post something ne- bout what I read while key in data in system..
if there's a book that i like.. I will took bout half an hour to finish it lol..
i like this job sooo much!!

ジュリャ said...

Unn.. I dont have driving license..

( T ____ T )

Was thinking to go learn it, but till now still no action. :p

Btw, how much you pay for your driving license lesson?

Just want to survey,,

.. .

Oh. You can read book while working !

Sore de ii naa..

It was lucky for you to get job that you like ne..

Me dont really like my current job, but no choice really..

Fu fuu..

mashi_toma said...

urm.. me? I take it round 2005 and its bout 600++ but.. I have to pay more.. cz I got failed lol..

but now.. maybe more than 700++
you should take it now or the price will be increase.. hoho..

hait2.. suki!!!
sometime I feel sleepy.. cz I had to face too many books haha..