Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Day minna-san!!

minna!! ogenki desuka?
anyway... I've been thinking bout this.. for such a long time ago.. 
hahaha.. *merepek* anyway Happy Valentine Day to all my follower.. 
ehee.. give a bunch of choco to ur love okie?
you can also send it to me lol.. I wish that I could celebrate it with my love one... 
uhu.. but.. he's busy fuu fuu..
busy with stage play.. haish... 
'please spend ur time with me dear'-- to my sweetheart Ikuta Toma..
and I've something to share with you.. 
NewS-Cherish MV with lyric [my first try fuu fuu]

Download it

and I just found this MV

miss this memory

and this one
(c)respective owner


ジュリャ ♥* said...

happy barentain~~! ( ^ w ^ )/

mashi_toma said...

julya-chan: happy barentain!! haha.. <3