Monday, January 24, 2011

The Seaside Motel [Screen Caps]

minna-san have you watch this movie?? fufufu.. please do watch this movie and support him lol...


how can I mention this PRODUCT

remember bout the picture that I mention before??

hahaha.. I'm Toma bias, if you want to watch this movie.. download it HERE but the first thing is you need to join this community hee-hee.. and you can go HERE to see and grab lot of info she's Arabic hee-hee


ジュリャ ♥* said...

Look interesting ne.. ( ^ w ^ )/

Had u watch?

This movie is about what ne?

Share some spoiler.. ( * w * )//

mashi_toma said...

haha.. yup~ but gomen-ne.. I didnt dload the sub lol... too lazy xD

so, I dont really understand o.O but its fun..

its tell us bout 4 story in a 4 rooms..

nightclub girl and a man who is trying to lure girls

its bout salesman [Kameda], who sales cosmetics and call girl [Candy]

Gambler and his girlfriend which is maintained by the debt collectors

A couple trying to re-love between them..