Thursday, December 30, 2010

Omedettou!! 1st Anniversary for my blog :)

Officially I've been blogging since December 2008, but at that time.. this blog just for completed my assignment.. so there's no fangirl mode in my blog xD *it was really bored at that time*
this blog was dead for about a year before..
I got a strength to make this blog as my half diary + fangirling hehe, sometime I was confused with my blog..
At first, I want to share lot of thing bout Ikuta Toma + Kim Hyun Joong + ME but in the end.. I dont know why, its more to Toma News and bit messy m(_ _)m
I wish, I could catch back my Hyunnie on my blog xD and tidy up my room haha.. and give more information to my followers.

message to my followers:
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~


ashie023 said...

aigoooo dah anibeseri ke...Happy 1st Anniversary to blog MAshiToma..
yelah my dongsaeng Hyunnie sudah merajuk, mashi asyik tumpukan kat Toma je..ehhehhe

mashi toma said...

thank you so much- u're the 1st chuu me xD
em.. tu la.. skang ni pon dok jeling kat JGS plak.. cmne nih? o.O
anyway.. mashi dream bout hyunnie last nite.. thats why, rasa cm sedih lupakan die xD

ジュリャ ♥* said...

ahh~~ first bloganniversary ne?

omedetou~~!! ( ^ w ^ )//

Keep on publishing great post of Toma ne ~~!

mashi toma said...

@julya-chan: hait xD
arigato gozaimasu~ >///<

ah- sure!! I'll post more bout him and, share anything with my followers..

PRIN☮CHIIZ said...

Im following ... follow back ? :DD TOMA <3