Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Genji no Monogatari + Kyuukei no Kouya + New Butai [Hitler and Anne]

Hye.. how are you?
Today I wanna share s/thing..yup.. bout The Tale of Genji.. I found it in Mr.Kino, of course hehehe..

“Not only the world’s first real novel but one of its greatest”-Donald Keene, Columbia University.
+this book..very2 thick+
+I wish that I could buy this novel..but.. haha.. I'll never read it..
because I'm too lazy spend my time on it+

Price for each novel:
for your information:Six more actress in Genji no monogatari

+click on the pic to read more info bout [The Spherical Wilderness-Kyuukei no Kouya]+
 Toma will be in butai/stage plays next year.. read more? at:
+Japan Now@LJ
+Tokyo graph

KyAaahhH...toma kakkoi!!!! *nosebleed*cant wait for his butai too-


Anonymous said...

no wonder la that book is so

Nana Jae said...

woaahhh mahal nya. -_- *ahh toma....*