Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SS501- Random Quiz

Your Future with one of SS501:))
Full Name 
member: Kim Hyun Joong
how you two met: you bumped into each other and both of you dropped your phones,so you exchanged numbers
how he said he LOVES you: both of you went to your favorite place,then he shouted "i love you!!"in front of everyone there
your first date was: at a noraebang
how he proposed to you: he baked you a cake and put the ring on top in the icing
when and where your wedding was held: during spring,in a garden full of flowers
This Quiz by mdthegreat - Taken 4 Times.
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+biar apa pon yang terjadi mashi tetap nak kat KIM HYUN JOONG hehehe

SS501~boyfriend~husband~ex~ friend~brother~
Full Name 
Boyfriend Kim Kyu Jong
Husband Kim Hyun Joong
Ex Boyfriend Kim Kyu Jong
Friend Kim Kyu Jong
Brother Kim Hyung Jun
This fun quiz by kimhyunjoong12 - Taken 14 Times.
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The Perfect SS501 Guy For You
Full Name 
Your Perfect Match is: Kim HyunJoong
This fun quiz by lilchanelyness - Taken 792 Times.
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