Friday, July 16, 2010

The J.E MEME! [Part 2]

You arrive in a new school�.johnny�s are your new classmates ! (Kanjani, NEWS, KATTUN, Arashi, T&T) by feyana
Your name
What is the date today ?
In class, your neighbourg is
Thougthful, you observe him. He issick like hell
Face to the students, class representative speaks
At this moment, near the windows you notice
who looks class representativesighing
Suddenlyyour neighbourg
stares at you before saysDo you prefer roses or chocolates ?
making this guy jealous
youhide under your table
but you crash into sometbody.It's love at 1st sigh

+muahaha.. *berangan jer* but.. I want toma =.='
+taking this quiz from aida-pi

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ai_jiejin said...

nani?- dare? *last one* huhu