Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An An's Special Feature on Blood Type [4 leads of Hana Kimi]

 1- Horikita Maki (B Type) : What do the other 3 think about Maki?
Shun: She has this unique PACE of life. I feel very comfortable when I am with her since she speaks her mind very clearly.

Toma: She has strong BASE/ROOT and this doesn't move. She also has this cool-ness about her. I envy her for being able to live happily without doing something she cannot/doesn't want to.

Hiro: Very dependable. She looks like she can resolve anything by herself. Sometimes she does say not-so-nice things with a very big smile but somehow you will forgive her.

ran: I like Maki's type of girl. She's frank & honest to everyone. akak I can totally understand how guys just can't blame but forgive for her remarks , face to such a cute & innocent look , guys are defenceless XD

2- Oguri Shun (O Type): What do the other 3 think about Shun?
Toma: A free person! I admire the way he can get used to any type of environment. Sometimes he is so FREE that I find difficulty in reacting to it! Ha ha.

Maki: Very stable and magnanimous. He doesn't mind some things at all so he always takes care of thing in his "massive" (his BIG size) and very "own" way (my pace).

Hiro: Adult. He can get friendly with people in any generation very naturally. But there are still many parts of him that I can't understand yet....

ran: I still wonder why Shun keeps thinking that he's 'old', that's strange lol ^^; Sometimes he jokes around like little kids, other times he just stays silent in his own world... what a emo kid .

3- Ikuta Toma (A Type): What do the other 3 think about Toma?
Shun: Serious person. Like the seating arrangement during meals, he is always aware and sensitive of his environment. I have been saved by his good sense of details a lot of times.

Maki: He is very kind and easy to talk to. People that are A-Type are a stimulant for me since we think a little differently.

Hiro: He always treats everyone very kindly, and is very dependable. I cannot think of any weakness of A-Type people.

ran: indeed, A type person is luved by everyone lol I know some A type they are quite clever & sensitive person. They're really careful aware of anything happening around them. Somehow being with such type of person makes u feel in security ^_^

4- Mizushima Hiro (AB Type): What do the other 3 think about Hiro?
Shun: I still have not gotten hold of his personality na... Ha ha. He seems always very gentle and mild-mannered, but when he turns emotional he may change.

Toma: An area that is unknown. A person from space (alien). I am always shocked by his idea and the way he thinks, which A-Type person will never have, but yet feel that they are very interesting.

Maki: Incomprehensible. Sometimes he gets so amused by what he himself said, and every time his "tension" is different. I cannot read him at all!!

ran: AB type is still a 'mystery' for me, uhm I guess I'm not the only one lol they may have some connections with alien akak

Credit Jen@arashilan+ran

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