Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mashi- Suki desu + Chua ea ♥

Salam.. 1st of all, gomen-nasai cz stole this pic. Mr.Awal.. hehe..yup.. I'm ur fan.. ;p I guess quiet 1 *lol*
+this pic by Awal Ashaari =.=' +
+I really like the way you act..the way you smile.. and u r cool bro hehe... neh.. I should keep it quietly in my heart..*but this is ma blog..who cares*
+ Mashi still normal keyh..still ley nmpk Awal,even mashi da tjebak kt johny otaku.. Awal still in my heart...who know.. *gaahh..prasan xingt*
+Well..if mashi da ske cara keje some1.. i'll appreciate mai ichiban..TOMA n 2nd place Hyunnie-Oppa hehe..
+Since Awal blakon citer pe ek.. yg drift2 tu..haha.. mashi ske tengok die *nyaa- yeye jek*
+Anyway...ommedetou Mr.Awal.. u r talented person.. n yes.. u r in my list ryte now =.=' *sweating* hahaha..
+I love hardworking person ne- *nah..workaholic*

++gomen-na if ma word..i mean for this entry cm kalut..*huhuhu...stressed*

currently listen she's smiling by hyunnie..*hope I can smile again* wuuu-


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